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Looking Ahead

Staffing and Training

• Advanced Training for Medical & Fire Protection (Structural & Wildland fires) (ongoing)

•  Hire additional full-time Firefighter/EMT

• Volunteer Recruitment (Basic and Advanced Life Support)

• Become ALS Agency/Paramedic Capable Department

•  Additional Specialized  Rescue Training

•  Working with other groups to build community resiliance ie: CERT, FIREWISE, HOA's, PUD 1, Skokomish Tribe, Tacoma Power


• Improved Communications gear

• Build Reserve Funding for Emergency Vehicle Replacement

• Upgrade and Replace outdated Firefighting and Medical Equipment

• Acquisition of All-Purpose Boat for Lake/Canal Water Rescues and Transport of Crews & Equipment


• Sub-Station Facility at North End of Lake Cush­man

• Improve the possibility of lower WSRB Insurance Ratings for North End

• More time/attention to care and maintenance


… Saving Lives with Property Taxes!